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Mountain Creek Products, LLC products.

Bulk Sand

Mountain Creek Products, LLC processes sand from deposits formed by the Arkansas River as it flows South of Bixby, Oklahoma.  The sand processing facility has been on site for several years and was acquired by Mountain Creek Products, LLC in 2010 for the purpose of extracting, drying, and sorting various sizes of sand for use as proppant in fracing energy wells.  The Company currently produces and delivers several sizes of finished sand products. Please click here for more information on available sand, and we can send out testing results upon request.

MSDS Report


Bagged Sand

Mt Creek owns and operates its own bagging facility. All of our products can be bagged on request and most are in stock. Mt Creek offers 50 pound bags and 3,200 pound mega bags of any Mt Creek products. Custom blending is also available upon request. **Let us blend a sand to fit your needs**


50lb Bag Sand

Our 50lb bags **Let us blend a sand to fit your needs**


50lb Bag Sand



Black Beauty